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Delivery Checklist

Last updated 05/09/2024

Terravolt and its suppliers work hard to ensure that every order you place with us is delivered on time, in full, and in brand new condition. However, using third party shippers means that there are links in the chain of custody for your order that we cannot control. Damage may occur during transit. You alone as the receiver/consignee can mitigate the cost of this damage by having this Delivery Checklist close at hand when your products arrive.

If any items arrive damaged, or do not arrive with your order, proof and proper notation of this is absolutely necessary in order to file a claim with the shipper. Terravolt and its suppliers will make every reasonable effort to file a claim with the shipper on your behalf, but only if the damage or shortage is properly documented. Signing the delivery receipt without noting any damage or shortage is accepting delivery of the order "as is", and prevents any future claims from being filed for that delivery.

Best practices for receiving a shipment include:

 - Taking photos of the pallets while they're coming out of the truck

 - Immediately inspecting the pallet closely and checking for the following conditions, taking photos immediately of any discrepancies

 - Any missing or damaged goods must be documented on the delivery receipt. Do not sign the delivery receipt presented by the driver without listing any and all damage or missing items on that receipt first.


Any visible damage to the crate or box, including any punctures or visible water discoloration of the crate

Any indentation of the crate or box which would indicate undue pressure being applied, such as forklift marks

PV Modules (Solar Panels):

Any missing modules (count them!)

Any damage to the pallet or pallet feet

Any dents or punctures through the packaging

Corner clips or protective shims missing or damaged

Off-balance or wobbly pallets or stacks of modules

Any visible glass shards anywhere

 - We recommend unwrapping and inspecting the top module on the pallet stack for any visible cracking or bent frames.

 - All of this should be done BEFORE signing the delivery receipt. Each discrepancy should be photographed and noted on the delivery receipt, including a photo of the serial number of any damaged module.


Any missing rails (you will receive a rail count as a line item on your Terravolt invoice for packages or otherwise)

Any visible damage, including bent rails or crushed rail ends

Any tears in the packaging or plastic wrap

(Scratches are purely aesthetic and will be generally invisible. Claims for minor aesthetic damage to paint coating on rails is categorically not worth the effort to claim)

 - We recommend unwrapping each end of a rail stack to inspect for damage to the ends as this is more common

 - Be sure to photograph and note any damaged or missing rails on your delivery receipt BEFORE signing.

All Other Equipment:

 - Check the delivery against both the packing slip, and your order invoice. Ensure that the part numbers match. Ensure the correct quantities, and inspect each pallet for signs of damage to any packing crates or boxes.

 - In some cases, multiple shipments may be made to fulfill a single order. In this case, check the tracking number against your delivery confirmation and ensure that the listed products match the shipment.

Always mark the delivery receipt and take photos of any damage or shortage in the presence of the delivery driver. In all possible cases, photograph the serial number of any damaged products alongside photos of the damage.

If any damage or shortage is noted on the delivery receipt, either by you or the shipper upon arrival, contact us immediately.

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