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Purchasing Disclaimer

Last updated 05/07/2024

Legal stuff:

By purchasing any goods from Terravolt, LLC, (hereafter referred to as “Terravolt”) with or without having consulted with Terravolt staff, users of any and all services and/or consumers of any and all goods provided by Terravolt (hereafter “Client”) and/or purchased from Terravolt, thereby agree without reservation or amendment to be bound by Terravolt's Terms and Conditions (hereafter “Terms”), and acknowledge receipt and understanding of this Purchasing Disclaimer.


There are 3 parts to this disclaimer. These are the bullet-points. Each is described in further detail below. Please understand each before making a purchase from Terravolt.

1) Terravolt is not liable for what you choose to purchase. Read our Return Policy carefully.

Solar systems are complicated. Most of the individual components can disqualify the use of some other component. For example, Ironridge 3" SGA top caps cannot be used with 2" rail connectors. Likewise, if you use a combiner to parallel PV strings before putting them into a hybrid inverter MPPT input, you will blow that input. It's important to have a qualified designer on your team. Our kits are a great way to circumvent some of these pitfalls, since they are prepackaged with the right components and include a basic schematic and designs from which to build.

By purchasing products from Terravolt, you are taking full responsibility for the proper combination and installation of those products. You are hereby agreeing to hold harmless Terravolt and all of it's agents and assigns from any and all liability for the use or misuse of products purchased from Terravolt.

That said, the kits contain all of the necessary major components for the operation of that system. They DO NOT contain all of the necessary items and tools for the installation of those systems, such as galvanized water pipe or concrete for ground mounted systems, wire, conduit, or the necessary fittings and pull-points for your conduit runs. Neither do they contain wire strippers, multimeters, conduit benders, a backhoe, post-hole diggers, or any of the other necessary tools for installation. 

2) Terravolt is not responsible for AHJ or Utility interconnection compliance

While each kit contains a one-line schematic that in theory can be submitted to an AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction: your city and/or county electrical/building permitting division) or an electric Utility company for NEM (Net Energy Metering) and interconnection purposes, these one-lines are very unlikely to pass. This is because each local jurisdiction and each utility have their own special requirements, and these are always changing.

Terravolt offers Project Management services, and can guide you through this process. Additionally, if you need plan sets for submission, Terravolt can also provide these. If you plan to permit (which you absolutely should) and/or interconnect your system, and you want to pass inspection, please schedule a Free Quote to discuss your options.

3) Terravolt cannot account for regional differences unless you talk with us

A solar system in a calm valley that only gets a dusting of snow is very different than one at the top of a mountain that gets 9 feet of snowfall a year and experiences 200 mph winds. It is highly recommended that you engage our services in specifying the right system for your region and local conditions. This is a paid service, but can generally be accomplished within an hour. Please schedule here before purchasing unless you are a structural, mechanical, and electrical engineer.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for further information.

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