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Iron Edison FAQ

  With Iron Edison out of business and Terravolt as the official contact for information, we thought it pertinent to answer some of the most common questions we run into regarding its closure. 

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What is Terravolt's relationship to Iron Edison?

  Terravolt was founded in 2021 by David James Bly: the former Technical Director of Iron Edison. When the Iron Edison Battery Company declared bankruptcy in June of 2023, Dave decided to leverage his decades of Electrical, Solar, and Battery storage experience to offer Terravolt's services full time. Iron Edison is out of business, but one of the many services provided by Terravolt is helping Iron Edison customers troubleshoot, process warranty claims, replace or upgrade Iron Edison's products and peripherals. 

Why did Iron Edison go out of business?

  After the strain of operating expenses and reduced sales during the COVID pandemic, the financial health of the company was likewise strained, and succumbed to a confluence of financial hardships after a regularly slow sales cycle in Q1 and Q2 of 2023. Further details not restricted from disclosure can be obtained by scheduling a call with Terravolt.

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What happens to my warranty?

  As of now (02/2024), the Original Equipment Manufacturers of Iron Edison's active product lines (Re-Volt, Revolt4, and Iron Edison Nickel Iron batteries) are providing varying degrees of warranty support, both directly and through Terravolt. We are providing technical support and troubleshooting for these products directly (including some replacement parts for shipping and handling fees), and the typical charge for processing a warranty claim through us is just the $60 charge for a half hour tech support call.

  HUGE thanks to GSL, Topband, and Changhong for standing behind their wholesale products with their continued support.

Can I still get Iron Edison gear if I need to upgrade or replace part of my system? 

  While Iron Edison Edison brand batteries and inverters are no longer available, compatible gear is still available: in some cases the very same units, and in some cases even at lower prices. Schedule a free quotes call for more details. Products pages are coming soon.

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