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How to Purchase

For now, while our host figures out their shipping calculator malfunction, all orders will be processed manually. Click Here to schedule a 'Free Quote' call to place an order.

All Methods

  It's not lost on us that consumers have thousands of online retailers to choose from. Only for those hard-to-find components who lack the brand recognition of say, Enphase or Ironridge is Terravolt likely to have the lowest prices on the web. The value added purchasing through us is the knowledge that your supplier knows how it all works. Aside from the piece of mind this should instill, we've made this value tangible by offering a free half hour of consultation with every purchase of products valued at $500 or more. 

  To redeem this offer before a purchase is made (for example, to double-check the compatibility of components in your cart), use the Free Quotes option in our Book Online section.

Cart Method

Of course, like any online store, if you already know what you need, feel free to add parts to your cart and checkout as normal. Be sure to read our Purchasing Disclaimer and Return Policy


The Right Way

  Even when you're purchasing a Kit, these are complicated systems. We can make sure the inverter output meets your peak demand. We can make sure the battery bank is sufficient for your energy use. We can make sure there's enough solar exposure at your location to meet your needs without adding another subarray.

  We make these services as affordable as we can. It's really best to talk to us before you purchase. Regardless of where you choose to buy your system, it will only meet your expectations if those expectations are realistic, so please reach out

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Kit Method

You can also purchase one of our pre-sized kits. Each kit consists of:

1) A number of PV modules (aka Solar Panels) to achieve the Kit's Array size in kW

2) All the inverters, charge controllers, combiners, and breakers to connect electrically to your existing breaker panel

3) Batteries sufficient for a bank that will be recharged once daily by the Array given average no-shade conditions and negligible use 

4) A basic one line schematic for the kit, which contains links to all the necessary manuals to set it up.

 By purchasing a kit, you acknowledge our Purchasing Disclaimer and Return Policy


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